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 Rafael Amaya

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Rafael Amaya (Spanish pronunciation: [aˈmaʝa]) (José Rafael Amaya Núñez, born February 28, 1977), is a Mexican model, singer, and actor.


Rafael Amaya was born in Hermosillo, Sonora, but after five years, he and his family moved to Tecate, Baja California. Since he was a small boy, Amaya has practiced a wide range of sports, especially, Athletics. Also, as a teenager, Amaya took classes in theater and music. After finishing high school, he traveled to San Diego to study University. He returned to Mexico and started playing with various groups, and it was with the Palapa Banda that he came to Mexico City to try his luck. Of all the band members, Rafael was the only one who stayed in the city where he devoted his career to modeling.
Then came the Centre for arts education Televisa, and found the opportunity to make the casting of the new group Garibaldi. Rafael was selected.
Rafael split the group Garibaldi, but even so, still within the world artísitico, but now in action. It began with the novel "The House on the Beach" with the character of Romualdo, after continuing with the novel "Conceived Without Sin" with the role of Castulo. In January 2002, began its third and most exciting project, its participation in the soap opera "Salome" with the role of one of the main characters, Julian Joseph, the hero of the final and the son of Salome, the main protagonist. In this latest soap opera, Rafael has become known more than ever as an actor. The following major holdings in soap operas were "The rails of Love" with the dual role of Paco who was the catalyst for a good and important fabric of the soap opera, and after a while made the character of Paul (brother Paco). Still on the list of soap operas, we have "to love again" that was launched in the U.S. and originally known as "bouquet of Illusions," Raphael did here the role of Fernando.
The most recent involvement is currently in "Two Sides of Ana" (Las dos caras de Ana) where Rafael takes the leading role or principal with the same character that bears his name, Rafael. It is currently filming in Miami, Florida in the United States.
In February 2002, Rafael won the nomination for the Men's revelation in the delivery of the Herald and in June the same year was re-nominated at the Awards for TV y Novelas same category.
Rafael also shares in the big screen. His first experience was in the filming of the film "Naked" (Desnudos), a romantic comedy based on the play known as "Four X", he performs a frontal nudity. The second film will be Rafael "So the precipice," acting as a gay man, performing a masturbation scene.[1]


2010: Alguien Te Mira .... Julian - The Killer
2006: Las Dos Caras de Ana .... Rafael Bustamante/Gustavo Galvan
2004: Amar otra vez .... Fernando Castañeda Eslava
2002: Las vías del amor .... Paco/Pablo Rivera
2001: Salomé.... José Julián (2001–2002)
2001: La Intrusa....Eduardo / Derick
2001: Sin pecado concebido .... Cástulo Campos Ortiz
2000: La casa en la playa .... Romualdo Reyes

Official Website: Pepe & Santo vs America (2010)

2010: Alguien te mira .... Hulian
2009: Rock Marí .... Pablo
2009: Dias Extraños ....
2009: Me Importas tu... y tu ....
2009: The Fighter (2009) .... Leone
2009: Se jodió la Navidad
2009: El descubrimiento .... Barman
2009: Pepe & Santo vs. America .... Julio
2009: La ruleta de los sueños .... Dan
2008: Sexo y otros secretos .... Martín (12 episodes, 2008)
2008: 24 cuadros de terror .... Lady Killer
2008: Fotonovela (movie) .... Angel
2008: Mujeres asesinas .... Oscar Epi. "Claudia, cuchillera"
2008: Amor letra por letra .... Julián
2008: Los simuladores .... Rubalcaba "El pacto copernico"
2006: Así del precipicio .... Gerardo
2004: Desnudos .... Pablo
2001: Mujer, casos de la vida real "Linea de fuego"
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Rafael Amaya
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